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Our team consists of dedicated healthcare professionals committed to providing high quality care to the local community. Spanning many specialties, we strive to provide affordable treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Principal and Managing Partner

President and Chief Operating Officer

Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Data Officer

Director of Clinical  Operations

Principal and Managing Partner, PHI Medicine Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Allergy/Immunology

Milad Pooran

Dr. Pooran is board certified in Internal Medicine with subspecialty board certification in allergy and immunology, as well as critical care medicine. Dr. Pooran completed his medical school training at the University of Maryland Baltimore and completed his residency in internal medicine at the University of Maryland Medical System. Following his internship, Dr. Pooran performed one year of active duty with the US Air Force as an operation Flight Surgeon. After residency, Dr. Pooran completed a fellowship in Allergy and Immunology at the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, followed by a fellowship in critical care medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). During his tenure at the NIH, Dr. Pooran was engaged in translational research on HIV/AIDS for seven years. He then joined the Office of the Secretary for Health and Human Services, where he served under Secretary Sebelius as a senior medical advisor for biodefense and national security. Dr. Pooran is the State Air Surgeon for the Connecticut Air National Guard and holds the rank of Colonel in the United States Air Force.
President and Chief Administrative Officer

Sarah Susalla

A registered nurse for more than 25 years, Sarah began her career as an acute care nurse, followed by becoming a certified case manager and ultimately transitioned to operations and administrative roles. With more than fifteen years in operations and healthcare administration; including previous positions with national organizations as a regional vice president and business president of hospital medicine, telemedicine, and critical care, Sarah joined PHI Medicine in early 2018 to support the transformative approach of PHI and drive operational excellence.
Vice President of Business Development and Recruiting

John Hardesty

John has been recruiting for fifteen (15) years across many facets of the healthcare industry. He began his recruiting career with one of the largest healthcare staffing organizations in the country. The vast majority of John’s recruiting career has been in physician recruitment where he was employed by a national provider where he recruited, developed, and retained highly-engaged clinicians and strong physician leaders across the United States. He exceeded all of his key performance indicators (KPI) and goals year over year earning his role as Director of Physician Recruiting. John has worked with health systems and C-Suites from the west coast to the east coast developing hospital medicine programs, recruiting quality physicians, and physician leaders.

Chief Data and Security Officer

Mohammadali Ghassemi

As a data analytics professional, Mr. Ghassemi built intellectual properties and technology infrastructures that transformed companies into data-driven organizations by leveraging the latest advancements in analytics and BI. Prior to joining PHI Medicine, Mr. Ghassemi led the design and implementation of an enterprise-wide business intelligence platform for a global supply chain system. Mr. Ghassemi recently completed an Executive MBA degree from Columbia University NYC.
Lead Transport Nurse

Justin Webster

Justin brings 13 years of healthcare knowledge and experience to the Vesper team. A Registered nurse for 5 years, including a background in emergency medicine, Justin began his career as a certified nursing assistant, followed by becoming an Emergency Medical Technician. Well-versed in ambulance transport services, he spent 7 years as a 911 response EMT and also worked as a 911 dispatcher. More recently Justin served as a clinical nurse supervisor in the emergency department.


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Uncompensated Care Access

Under District of Columbia law, this health care provider must make its services available to all people in the community. This health care provider is not allowed to discriminate against a person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, physical handicap, source of income, or place of residence or business, or because a person is covered by a program such as Medicare or Medicaid. “This health care provider is also required to provide a reasonable volume of services without charge or at a reduced charge to persons unable to pay. Ask the staff if you are eligible to receive services either without charge or at a reduced charge. If you believe that you have been denied services or consideration for treatment without charge or at a reduced charge without a good reason, contact the Admissions or Business Office of this health care provider, and call the State Health Planning and Development Agency through the Citywide Call Center at 202-727-1000.

If you want to file a complaint, forms are available from the State Health Planning and Development Agency.

In accordance with the above, Vesper Medical Transport of DC provides up to $5500 annually of services at no charge or reduced charge for patients unable to pay for transport who request uncompensated care. Upon calling Vesper Medical Transport’s dispatch number to request transport, at 888-664-0092, residents of the District of Columbia may request uncompensated care. A written determination of this request will be provided to any person requesting uncompensated care at time of request via email or within 10 business days of request if by US mail.   

Vesper Medical Transport will satisfy any uncompensated care obligation as defined by District of Columbia law.

Vesper Medical Transport of DC, LLC Aviso de atención no compensada
Según la ley del Distrito de Columbia, Vesper Medical Transport of DC debe poner sus servicios a disposición de todas las personas de la comunidad. Vesper Medical Transport no puede discriminar a una persona por motivos de raza, color, religión, origen nacional, sexo, edad, estado civil, apariencia personal, orientación sexual, responsabilidades familiares, matriculación, afiliación política, discapacidad física, fuente de ingresos, o lugar de residencia o negocio, o porque una persona está cubierta por un programa como Medicare o Medicaid. “Este proveedor de atención médica también está obligado a brindar un volumen razonable de servicios sin cargo o a un costo reducido a las personas que no pueden pagar. Pregunte al personal si es elegible para recibir servicios sin cargo o a un costo reducido. Si cree que se le han denegado los servicios o la consideración para el tratamiento sin cargo o a un precio reducido sin una buena razón, comuníquese con la Oficina Comercial o de Admisiones de este proveedor de atención médica y llame a la Agencia Estatal de Planificación y Desarrollo de la Salud a través del Centro de Llamadas de la Ciudad al 202 -727-1000.

Si desea presentar una queja, los formularios están disponibles en la Agencia Estatal de Planificación y Desarrollo de la Salud.

De acuerdo con lo anterior, Vesper Medical Transport of DC brinda $5500 anuales de servicios sin cargo o con cargo reducido para pacientes que no pueden pagar el transporte y solicitan atención no compensada. Al llamar al número de despacho de Vesper Medical Transport para solicitar transporte, al 888-664-0092, los residentes del Distrito de Columbia pueden solicitar atención no compensada. Se proporcionará una determinación por escrito de esta solicitud a cualquier persona que solicite atención no compensada en el momento de la solicitud por correo electrónico o dentro de los 10 días hábiles posteriores a la solicitud si se envía por correo de los EE. UU.

Vesper Medical Transport cumplirá con cualquier obligación de atención no compensada según lo definido por la ley del Distrito de Columbia y no tiene obligaciones de atención pendientes no compensadas.